Summer Vibes at the Showroom


The Showroom at Hampton Design is not only our workspace, it is also an extension of our love of design. We've composed the Showroom to inspire us as we design products to inspire. It reflects the evolution of style, while staying connected to the timeless elements that inspired us from the very start. 

On display you'll find materials and products that are both traditional and modern. Minimalism influences the general spacial arrangement, clean lines and overall bright white walls and light cement floors. Maximalism finds its way into bold golds and metals, impressive ceiling hoods, bright-colored chairs and wall photos. Living plants create a transition between indoor and outdoor, where natural light fills the space through floor to ceiling windows. Good coffee flows, endlessly. 


Here's our workspace, our showroom, our place of inspiration... today.
Photos by Doug Young & Eric Striffler

Ted Delano